Three Main Sources of Free Funding…

ERC Tax Refund

1. Claim Tax Incentives & Rebate

Did you know there are over 1,000 Tax Incentives available including the Employee Retention Credit? The “ERC” is a huge opportunity, an amended part of the Cares Act that brought us the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). Billions of dollars are available yet only 10% of business owners have applied! These are funds that are rightfully yours that the Government has set aside to help you get thru the pandemic! Our Team of Tax Experts will handle all paperwork and qualify you for maximum payout.
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2. Reduce Overhead Expenses

It’s estimated that 80% of Business Owners are overpaying for everyday services that eat away at profits. We can reduce Credit Card Processing Fees (Save average of 50%!), Utility Fees, Marketing and Digital Services costs. Our Growth Team will find you a better provider or negotiate lower costs with the ones you already have.
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3. Qualify for Grant Money

100’s of programs are available for Business owners, including Start-Ups, Women-Owned, Veteran-Owned, Minority-Owned and LGBTQ-owned businesses. These are funds from a variety of sources that have been set aside to encourage Equal Business Growth Opportunities for ALL Entrepreneurs! Our Grant experts will identify the best opportunities and apply for the Grants on your behalf.
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Fully Funded Growth Initiatives

Based on your Goals and the level of funding we secure, our Fully Funded Marketing team will provide you with a
no obligation written Strategic Plan that allocates a portion of your Found Money toward one or more growth initiatives, including:

New Clients-1-5-22

1. Strategic Marketing that Generates New Clients

Targets your ideal prospects, increasing inbound Leads, Customers, Revenue, Profits. Our skilled agency team will deliver your message across multiple platforms leveraging Google, Social Media, Streaming Video/Audio, GEO Fencing, as well offline tactics including Direct Mail.

2. Online Presence Improvement

to make sure you get found on Google, as well as improve your website conversion & commerce. Our content team can also help you educate your best prospects, telling your story via social media, video, podcasting & more! It’s all done hands-free for you, so you can focus on running your business
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Sale Process-1-5-22

3. Sales Process Improvement

We help you work smarter, not harder, leveraging variety of marketing tools to manage and stay top of mind with all the new leads that will be coming thru your sales funnel. We’ll also help you build a quality target list of decision makers and then automate an outreach program via email and social media, driving inbound leads and appointments for your sales team. Includes sync or set up with a CRM.

Success Stories

Just a partial list of the Growth Funds Secured for our partners & their clients!

Praise for our ERC Specialists

“The ERC Team was quick & efficient and within days told me we qualified for over $180,000! This was after our CPA said he didn’t think we qualified as we had taken the PPP. So glad we investigated this… our first ERC check came in the mail yesterday.   Merry Christmas indeed!”

Industrial client

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The most significant and timely opportunity right now is the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), paying out on average $10k++ per W2 employee. Although the program ended Sept 30, 2021, there is still time to retroactively claim a refund for 2020, and 2021.

A 15-minute call with our ERC Specialist will quickly confirm if you qualify.

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ERC Tax Refund

If you qualify, our team will process all paperwork with the IRS on your behalf at ZERO upfront cost to you. You only pay a small commission IF we are successful in securing Funds for your business – we don’t get paid until you get your funds!

While your ERC Credit is processing, we can also thoroughly explore other Funding and Expense Reduction Opportunities for your business.

Based on your Goals and the level of funding we secure, our Fully Funded Marketing team will provide you with a no obligation written Strategic Plan that details how we would allocate a portion of your Found Money toward Growth Initiatives designed to generate new customers, revenue, profits & company value.

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